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Local Communities

Home seekers will enjoy the many different neighborhoods to choose from here, as well as the variety of houses, condos and townhomes available. Depending on where you settle, you could be right downtown, next to a popular community park or near top-rated schools.

We hope that our website's community information will help you to choose between the many wonderful areas; each has a lot to offer the home buyer.

Contact us anytime for more information about local areas!

Benton City

Benton City is a small town located in Washington. It is a great place to live for anyone looking for a “small town” feel while still being relatively close to the Tri-Cities area. Benton City is also a great place to live if you are looking for lots of open space and if you want to be close to this area’s vineyards and wineries.
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Burbank is a tiny community located in Walla Walla County and along the Snake River where it meets the Columbia River. Even though Burbank is in Walla Walla County, it is only a 10 minute drive to Pasco and the surrounding communities. Burbank offers a feel similar to what you would find in Benton City, but it’s just located on the opposite side of the Tri-Cities area. If you are looking for a small town feel and need to have a home near the Pasco area, Burbank could be a great area…
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Central Kennewick

If you are searching for real estate in Kennewick or looking to buy your next home in Kennewick, Central Kennewick may be a great place to consider.  Central Kennewick could be considered the area of Kennewick that is to the west of Washington Street, South of 10th Avenue and is to the East of Highway 395.  This part of Kennewick puts you very close to Downtown Kennewick along with other parts of Kennewick and Pasco.  Depending on where you need to find a home, this could be the area for you.
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Central Pasco

Central Pasco is a small area of Pasco that is bordered by Highway 395 on the west, Interstate 182 to the north, 4th Avenue on the east and the Columbia River to the south. This area of Pasco is largely residential but also has all the main businesses that run east and west on Court Street. Within Central Pasco you will find homes that have been built from the 1950s and later. You may be able to find a home that is perfect for you.
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Central Richland

Central Richland offers a great many key components of what people look for in a city with a small town feel.  Many parts of Central Richland offers quiet streets, homes built with character and history, and close proximity to shopping and commercial areas.
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East Kennewick

The area of East Kennewick is a great area to search for a home to buy if you are looking for large parcels of land.  East Kennewick is largely rural where there are many farms and pastures.  This part of Kennewick can be defined by all parts of Kennewick east of Washington Street.  This is some of the oldest parts of Kennewick, much of where the City of Kennewick began.  There is much history here that adds to its charm.
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East Pasco

East Pasco is an industrial part of Pasco that is also turning itself into a rich residential area.  You can find East Pasco in the part of Pasco that is east of 4th Avenue and west of Highway 12.  East Pasco is an area that is rich in culture and is located very close to one of the best farmers’ markets in the Tri-Cities.
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North Pasco

North Pasco is an area of the Tri-Cities that is largely agricultural.  Here is an area of the Tri-Cities where you will find large farms as well as undeveloped land.  This is land that could come up for sale at one time or another.  North Pasco encompasses all land in Pasco north of Sandifur / Burden and all the newly developed homes in West Pasco.
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North Richland

North Richland is the part of Richland that is north of Van Giesen Boulevard.  This is a part of Richland that is largely residential with minimal commercial development.  North Richland is also home to a couple of schools as well as Washington State University Tri-Cities.  Within North Richland and beyond, is where you will find Contractors as well as official government offices that all support the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Hanford (The Area) is a large part of the Tri-Cities economy.
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South Richland

South Richland is an area of Richland that often gets confused with being part of Kennewick.  South Richland is all areas of Richland that is west of Steptoe Boulevard and south of the Yakima delta.  South Richland is a nice blend of residential and commercial development.  In recent years, South Richland has experienced a large amount of development in both residential and commercial areas.
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Southeast Kennewick

Southeast Kennewick is an area of Kennewick that combines older parts of Kennewick with newer parts of Kennewick. Parts of Southeast Kennewick offers sweeping views of the city to the east, north, and west. The homes overlooking the Canyon Lakes area offer some of the best (in my humble opinion). Southeast Kennewick is primarily residential. However, over the past few years and for many years to come there will be much commercial development continuing to the south.
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Southwest Kennewick

The area of Southwest Kennewick is a great place to search for a home if you are looking to build.  This is because until now, there hasn’t been too much development.  Now, this area is starting to slowing get built up by various home builders of the Tri-Cities.  These homes offer an amazing view of the Tri-Cities to the west.
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West Kennewick

West Kennewick is a very large area of Kennewick.  The borders fall within all areas to the west of Highway 395 and as far east as Steptoe Boulevard.  The Columbia River is the northern border. West Kennewick contains a large portion of the City of Kennewick.  Here is where you will find a nice blend of residential as well as commercial businesses.  The Columbia Center Mall is also within the West Kennewick area.
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West Pasco

West Pasco is an area of Pasco that has seen a large amount of development in recent years. The stretches of land between Roads 68 and 100 that used to be open sagebrush and sand are now filled with commercial development as well as well manicured residential neighborhoods. West Pasco is also an area of the oldest parts of Pasco. West Pasco offers both an agricultural feel in one area and a nice, suburban area in other parts.
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West Richland

West Richland is a city unto itself within the Tri-Cities area.  It’s sometimes referred to as the “4th City” and is a great asset to the entire area.  West Richland offers a great “small town” feel and offers a bit of isolation from the other towns.
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