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Services To Look For
When searching for a home builder in the Tri-Cities, you need to consider every facet of the home building process.  You should be able to choose from a wide range of floor plans that meet your needs.  These floor plans could range from a single-story home to a home that has multiple levels.

Some of the components of your prospective new home you should consider are the following:
  • The design/build process
  • How many stories will your home be?
  • How many rooms will your home have?
  • How “green” to build?
  • How extensive your kitchen will be?
  • How extensive your bathrooms will be?
There could be a laundry list of questions you need to ask your prospective builder.

Neighborhoods They Build In
Another aspect of the home building process is deciding which neighborhood you can or should build in.  If you are looking at neighborhoods of the Tri-Cities that are either new or established, your home may need to meet certain regulations or need to conform to certain rules.  Your builder will need to be aware of these rules.

Picking the right neighborhood can make or break the home-building process.  You will absolutely want to pick the best neighborhood that fits you.  Some neighborhoods you may consider building in are:
Why To Choose A Custom Home Builder
There are many reasons to decide to go with a local home-builder.  Many of the custom home builders of the Tri-Cities are capable of building some of the most beautiful homes you’ll ever see.  Please review a list of Tri-Cities home builders that we are updating on a frequent basis.

Continuing Your Search
No matter where your Tri-Cities real estate search takes you, you will need to do some research and homework.  Whether you decide to build your new home or buy an existing home, you will need to do your research.  If you decide you need to search for possibly the best real estate agents in the Tri-Cities, we would love to show you the area.