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Benton City is a small town located in Washington. It is a great place to live for anyone looking for a “small town” feel while still being relatively close to the Tri-Cities area. Benton City is also a great place to buy a home if you are looking for lots of open space and if you want to be close to this area’s vineyards and wineries.

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Finding the right school may be part of your home search. If it is, there are plenty of resources and websites to search through. There are official school district websites as well as national databases that collect reviews and comments. If you don’t know which schools are in the area, here is a list:

Kiona Benton Elementary School

Kiona Benton High School

Kiona Benton Middle School

About Benton City

Benton City, Washington, is a charming and picturesque small town located in the heart of the renowned Columbia Valley wine region. Nestled in the south-central part of the state, Benton City is known for its tranquil rural atmosphere, stunning natural surroundings, and a thriving agricultural and wine industry. Here's a detailed description of this lovely community:

Scenic Beauty

Benton City is situated amidst rolling hills and vineyards, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The nearby Yakima River meanders through the region, providing opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and picnicking. The backdrop of the Horse Heaven Hills adds to the town's visual appeal, especially during sunrise and sunset when the golden hues paint a mesmerizing panorama.

Wine Country Hub

One of Benton City's primary claims to fame is its role as a gateway to Washington State's wine country. It's located within the Yakima Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) and boasts several renowned wineries and vineyards. Visitors flock to the area to enjoy wine tasting tours, where they can sample award-winning wines produced from a variety of grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

Friendly Community

Benton City has a tight-knit and welcoming community known for its friendly residents. The town exudes a sense of warmth and hospitality, making it an inviting destination for tourists and a pleasant place to call home for its residents.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in and around Benton City. The nearby Red Mountain and Badger Mountain offer hiking and biking trails that allow you to explore the area's natural beauty. The Yakima River provides opportunities for fishing and boating, while the surrounding hills are ideal for picnics and birdwatching.

Local Events

Throughout the year, Benton City hosts a variety of local events and festivals that celebrate its agricultural heritage and wine culture. These events often include wine tastings, live music, and opportunities to meet local artisans.

Historical Significance

Benton City has a rich history dating back to its early settlement in the late 19th century. The town's heritage is celebrated through various historical sites and museums, providing a glimpse into its past.


Besides grapes and wine production, agriculture plays a significant role in the local economy. The fertile soil in the region supports the cultivation of a wide range of crops, including cherries, apples, hops, and more.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Benton City's relaxed pace of life and scenic surroundings make it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's a place where you can unwind, enjoy nature, and savor some of the finest wines the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

In essence, Benton City, Washington, is a hidden gem in the wine country of the Pacific Northwest, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and a taste of some of the finest wines produced in the region. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, or simply looking for a tranquil getaway, Benton City has something to offer everyone who visits or calls it home.