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Welcome to the Kenmore Team - designed to power the top 10% of agents and teams. We are looking for the Navy SEALs of real estate.

We recognize that great companies are not built just to make money, but for a purpose. The purpose of KT is to provide you with limitless opportunities to grow your real estate business, build wealth and live an experiential life. YOUR productivity is the heart of our business. Our operational systems, lead generation models, technology platforms, and marketing programs power your production while creating consistency in both your income and the consumer experience.

Our goal is to create simple solutions for your business while simultaneously providing more transparency to our customers. While doing so we build stronger relationships through greater value to the consumer. Through our comprehensive home services, your clients can find solutions to all their home buying and selling needs, all in one place. KT offers retirement planning, wealth building, and investment opportunities. You will have everything you need to grow a big business, take care of your family, maximize your net income and prepare for retirement.

Your dreams are our dreams. As you step through this guide, we will help you design a plan to achieve those dreams. Come on in. Look around. Get to know the Kenmore Team.

Our Team Culture


To help people meet their personal & financial goals through the assistance of buying, selling, and managing real-estate.


  • Integrity: Earn respect, be honest, and fair
  • Efficiency: Pursue Excellence in your role
  • Work: Just work hard
  • Innovation: A culture of lifelong learning
  • People: Value all and seek strong relationships through collaboration

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