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About Connell, Washington

Connell is a small city located in Franklin County, Washington, in the United States. 

Geography and Location

  • Location: Connell is situated in the southeastern part of Washington state. It's located about 35 miles north of Pasco, part of the Tri-Cities area (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland).
  • Geography: The city is in a region characterized by its agricultural lands, with a landscape that includes rolling hills and open plains.

Community and Culture

  • Events: The community hosts various local events, such as the Connell Fall Festival, which includes parades, fairs, and other community activities.
  • Lifestyle: The lifestyle in Connell is typical of small-town America, with a strong emphasis on community and rural living.

Connell, Washington, exemplifies a small agricultural town with a tight-knit community and a history rooted in the development of the railway and farming industries.