East Kennewick

The area of East Kennewick is a great area to search for a home to buy if you are looking for large parcels of land. East Kennewick is largely rural where there are many farms and pastures.

This part of Kennewick can be defined by all parts of Kennewick east of Washington Street. These are some of the oldest parts of Kennewick, much of where the City of Kennewick began. There is much history here that adds to its charm.

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East Kennewick offers a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and vibrant community life. Let’s take a closer look at what makes East Kennewick so special. From its rich heritage to its thriving economy and outdoor attractions, East Kennewick has something for everyone.

A Brief History

Early Settlements

East Kennewick's history dates back to the early 1900s when settlers first arrived in the region. The fertile lands along the Columbia River attracted farmers, and soon, a thriving agricultural community emerged.

Growth and Development

Over the years, East Kennewick grew rapidly, thanks in part to the construction of the Columbia Irrigation Project. This project brought irrigation water to the area, turning it into a fertile oasis. With its newfound prosperity, East Kennewick became a hub for agriculture and commerce.

The Community

Diverse Population

East Kennewick is known for its diverse population, reflecting a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. The community's welcoming spirit and inclusivity make it a great place to call home.

Education and Schools

Families in East Kennewick benefit from excellent educational opportunities. The area boasts top-notch schools, providing a strong foundation for the younger generation.

Economy and Business

Thriving Economy

East Kennewick's economy has evolved beyond agriculture. It now includes thriving industries like manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. This diversification has brought economic stability to the region.

Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and businesses find East Kennewick to be a welcoming environment. The city offers support and resources for startups and established companies alike.

Outdoor Adventures

Scenic Beauty

The natural beauty of East Kennewick is truly breathtaking. With its stunning river views, lush parks, and hiking trails, the area is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Water Sports

The Columbia River provides endless opportunities for water sports and recreation. Whether you enjoy kayaking, fishing, or simply lounging by the river, East Kennewick has it all.

Entertainment and Culture

Arts and Culture Scene

East Kennewick is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene. Local theaters, galleries, and cultural events offer a rich tapestry of experiences for residents and visitors.

Dining and Cuisine

Foodies will delight in East Kennewick's diverse culinary scene. From farm-to-table restaurants to international cuisine, there's no shortage of delicious options.

Quality of Life


Compared to many other cities in Washington, East Kennewick offers a more affordable cost of living, making it an attractive place to settle down.

Safe and Welcoming

East Kennewick takes pride in its safety and welcoming atmosphere. Residents feel secure and valued in this close-knit community.


East Kennewick, with its rich history, diverse community, thriving economy, and natural beauty, is a hidden treasure worth exploring. Whether you're considering a move or planning a visit, this charming city has something to offer everyone.


FAQs About East Kennewick

What is the best time to visit East Kennewick?

The best time to visit East Kennewick is during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant, and outdoor activities are in full swing.

Is East Kennewick a family-friendly destination?

Absolutely! East Kennewick is known for its family-friendly environment, excellent schools, and numerous recreational options for kids and adults alike.

Are there any annual events or festivals in East Kennewick?

Yes, East Kennewick hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating its cultural diversity and community spirit.

What are the popular outdoor activities in East Kennewick?

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and water sports along the Columbia River and in the surrounding natural areas.

How can I explore the local arts and culture scene in East Kennewick?

You can explore the local arts and culture scene by visiting theaters, galleries, and attending cultural events that showcase the city's creative spirit.


10 of the best things to do in East Kennewick, WA:
  1. Gesa Carousel of Dreams: Enjoy a ride on this beautifully restored carousel, a favorite among visitors and locals alike.
  2. Columbia Park: Explore this scenic park along the Columbia River, featuring walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
  3. 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Monument: Pay your respects at this memorial that honors the victims of the September 11th attacks.
  4. East Benton County History Museum: Learn about the local history of Kennewick and the surrounding area at this museum.
  5. Explore the Downtown and Waterfront: Discover the historic downtown area and its waterfront, which offers shopping and dining options.
  6. Visit Wineries: Kennewick is part of the Tri-Cities wine region, so consider visiting local wineries and vineyards.
  7. Tri-City Americans: Catch a game of the Tri-City Americans, a popular local hockey team.
  8. Sacagawea Heritage Trail: Explore this scenic trail named after the famous explorer Sacagawea.
  9. Columbia Center Mall: Shop for your favorite brands and enjoy dining options at this shopping mall.
  10. Toyota Center: Check out events and concerts happening at the Toyota Center, a popular entertainment venue in the area.