16 Great Tri-Cities Parks

16 Great Tri-Cities Parks

The Tri-Cities region is located in Washington State and consists of three neighboring cities. Pasco, Kennewick and Richland are the three cities that make up the Tri-Cities. West Richland is a fourth nearby city that is often included in the Tri-Cities. Kennewick, Richland and Pasco are all in Benton County.

When most people think about things to do in the Tri-Cities, they may first think of the amazing fine dining restaurants available. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy the many parks in the Tri-Cities area all year round. There are even more than we could list here, so we picked some of our favorites from each area.

Parks in Kennewick

Columbia Park

Columbia Park is located in Kennewick along the shores of Lake Wallula. The park has a total area of 609 acres, and offers both fishing and water skiing facilities. Columbia Park also offers golf, tennis and camping. It is a great place to go on nature walks, have a picnic, or enjoy cycling.

Two Rivers Park

Two Rivers Park is another beautiful park in Kennewick. The peacefully-flowing Columbia River adds to the scenic beauty of the Two Rivers Park. There are many picnic areas to enjoy an afternoon, as well as a boat ramp and fishing. This park even has an amazing disc golf course! The park is open every day of the year.

Playground of Dreams

The Playground of Dreams in Kennewick has been completely renovated! The water park is great and there’s also a play area. It’s a must-try on a sunny day. The park has a large open plan and plenty of things to do. It is sure to keep kids entertained. Let me know your thoughts after you’ve tried it. The park has about 10 play structures. 4 of them have electronic interactive pads. 6 slides, 2 baby swings, one of which is a mommy and me swing, and 3 adult swings.

Lawrence Scott Park

Lawrence Scott Park is located in Kennewick. Do you love Pickleball? Well, this park is currently the largest pickleball facility in the entire state of Washington! It has 15 professional-quality courts. If you’re not into that, don’t worry. Lawrence Scott Park also offers barbeque areas, picnic shelters, a soccer field, a tennis court, a walking path, and a playground for kids.

Columbia Park in Kennewick

There are other parks in Kennewick also such as Grange Park.

Parks in Richland

Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park in Richland is a popular place on weekends, but it’s very quiet during the week. The park spans 46 acres and there are two large play areas that can accommodate large crowds. If you arrive early, the Howard Amon wading pool can be quiet on hot days. The zipline and climbing wall are popular with the older kids. The waterfront walking trails and digging area are popular with everyone. It’s also nice to see that there are swings for the whole family almost everywhere.

Leslie Groves Park

Leslie Groves Park is also located in Richland and is one of the many parks that border the Columbia River. This great  Tri-Cities park is a bit bigger than Howard Amon Park. It covers 150 acres. The nature trails connect this park with Howard Amon Park. Leslie Groves Park is a great place to go bird watching. The thick vegetation along the shoreline is where you will find most of the birds.

Goethals Nature Park

Goethals Nature Park is in Richland and the landscaping is beautiful. The play structures were well integrated into the hills. You can bring your kids here if they like to climb. It has a zipline, and is usually quiet if you arrive early. There are five major play areas and there is literally no end to the possibilities. There is a creek that the children can play in during the summer. Bring a picnic, because your children will be having fun for hours.

Claybell Park

Claybell Park is an amazing park located in Richland! It’s definitely different from any other park in the Tri-Cities. The park has a side for toddlers and infants, and a playset on the other end for older kids. This park is unique because it has a toddler area with a picnic table that can also be used as an entertainment. It’s called swing and play. It has 2 climbing walls, as well as an entertainment wall for kids. It has two swings. There is a tire-swing and a swing that looks like a hammock, which allows multiple children to sit together.

Badger Mountain Community Park

Badger Mountain Community Park is listed many places online as a dog park. And while it is true that this is a great place to bring Fido and let him run around off-leash, there is so much more here at this Richland park. There is a large splash pad for kids as well as sports fields. You can also enjoy a nice picnic under one of the covered picnic table areas.

Barth Park

Barth Park is located in Richland. The park is absolutely perfect. Bring your scooter, bike, stroller or toy car. The race track is great for toddlers. This is the only park in the Tri-Cities dedicated to little ones.

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Parks in Pasco

Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is located in the heart of Pasco. The park covers about 7 acres and is a lovely, shady area where locals and visitors can stroll or enjoy a picnic. Volunteer Park has a playground to keep the kids entertained while you relax. The park also has a meditation area, shaded pathways, picnic and seating areas, as well as a lovely meditation garden.

Chiawana Park

Chiawana Park is another park in Pasco. The park also has boating facilities available for visitors. This park also has walking and cycling paths, picnic areas and drinking fountains. The park is divided into two areas, one at each end. In between these two areas there is an open area. Bird watchers will enjoy this area, no matter the season.

Mariposa Park

Mariposa Park, located in Pasco, has interactive elements throughout the entire playground. The older kids will love the swinging carousel that you can hang from. Do not allow your children to stand under it. The slides are large and fast, which is a great change from most park slides. My kids love the interactive toys, even though they’re not shaded. It has a digital simon game that lights up and a mommy and me swing.

Casa del Sol Park

Casa del Sol Park, in Pasco, is very small compared to the other Tri-Cities parks on this list, but I love the toys for children aged 2-5 and the swings in the park. The park is not at all shaded but there are still plenty of options for your child to play and run around.

Capital Park

Capital Park is a pleasant surprise. This Paso park is huge compared to other community parks I have seen in my area. There are 2 large structures, which are separated by a good distance. It also has swings and other play structures. The only thing that is not great about this park is the lack of shade. However, I still enjoy going there.

In conclusion

As you can see there are many beautiful parks to visit when you are exploring the Tri-Cities area. And the best part is, that after a long day at one of the beautiful Tri-Cities parks, you can relax with a nice glass of wine. That’s right, Tri-Cities is also a great city for wine lovers. There are many wineries to choose from right here in your own backyard. Regardless how you choose to spend your leisure time, Tri-Cities has much to offer.